COLOURlovers recently posted a great article on the colours of video games.  If you don’t know COLOURlovers, it is a wonderful site dedicated to colour palettes.  In their blog they have themed post which will explore the colour palette prevalent in different walks of life.  Now anybody who knows me knows I am a total sucker for classic video games (actually, just vieo game in general).  I’m tempted to put together some palettes drawn from some modern classics.



June 11, 2008

Word is surfacing that Afrika, the working title for a PS3 title seen floating about the game expos 2 or so years ago is scheduled for an imminent (or at least approaching) release. Now I have no real idea what the basis of this game is (the general idea seems to be based around Wildlife Photography) but it looks intriguing to me. It seems similar to the Wii’s ‘Endless Ocean’ but with the graphical power of a PS3, a much longer development period and cooler animals! This trailer is 2 years old now but still looks visually astonishing and could be one of the most interesting releases in the near future

Console Mods: 360

April 21, 2008

Continuing this series of the most creative, resourceful or just plain ugly console mods, here are a few XBOX 360 console mods the internets made.  I wonder what you do when you inevitably get the red ring of death?

The daddy of all 360 games gives inspiration for this cool cutaway mod.

Another cool cutaway console mod.  The Half Life 2 colour scheme has lent itself to this effort.

Keeping it simple and messy.

Totally pointless but kind of cool.