Thanks to my good friends Ross and Julia at Star Crossed Tattoo, I will be heading along for the opening of Skin:Inks.  The exhibition will be running at Racks in Lan Kwai Fong  for a month or so and will be featuring 28 life size tattoo canvas photo portraits.  If you get a tattooed limb out on display you will be rewarded with a free shooter and a photo on the ‘wall of ink’!  The whole shebang will be wrapped up with a closing party at CLIQ on July 10th.  Head along and check out the work by HK’s finest tattoo artists!


Date: JUNE 13, 2008 – JULY 09, 2008
RACKS, 7F, M88, 2-8 Wellington St, Central, HK
Mon-Sat 12pm to 12am, Sun 2pm to 12am

More info on the event can be found here.


Me and my Blackspots

June 5, 2008

Yay! Adbusters are using one of my photographs on the Blackspot sneakers website to sell their wonderful shoes.  Also look out for it in this month’s issue of Adbusters.

Blackspot Webstore

Here’s the Original

Ever finished up a kick ass design on your Mac, sent it to your PC running client and been told it looked “too dark” on their monitor?  Gamma Toggle is a nifty little program that allows you to toggle between various gamma settings to see how your designs look on other operating systems.  Though it is no replacement for actually loading your design on a bunch of different computers, it is really handy for getting a real-time idea of how it looks on a standard setting MAC or PC screen from your MAC or PC.

It’s tiny, it’s handy, it’s free so there is no reason why your shouldn’t go get it!

Picked this tip up from the excellent Boagworld podcast.

Tag Galaxy is an excellent web app that uses Papervision 3D to display Flickr tag searchs in the context of a virtual galaxy. Not the most efficient way to browse for photography, but incredibly cool to use for a short while.

Martin Klimas

May 8, 2008

German photographer Martin Klimas has a whole array of wonderful high speed photography. His photographs document a spectrum of smashes, splashes and is literally and figuratively overflowing with energy.

onOne Software have released a demo of their new ‘liquid resizing’ software.  Liquid resizing is essentially the process of resizing pixel based images without the general concerns related to this.  Instead of simply compressing the pixels into a smaller space it uses experimental techniques such as Seam Carving to fit the image into a smaller area whilst keeping areas of the image undistorted.  It’s a tricky one to explain in words, so just go check it out.

onOne Software Liquid Resize Product Page…

An informative video about Seam Carving…

>> Read a little more about Seam Carving…

This excellent video montage by Brooklyn based photographer Sydney Lo showed up in my inbox recently.  I think I need to go shopping.