Whilst I was on a bit of a computer game trip I though I would take the time to shamelessly plug my favourite online gaming community Talking About Games.  A relatively newly formed alliance between popular gaming podcasts Achievement Junkie and UncleGamer Radio, the site has formed a great community based around some new podcasts, good reviews and a friendly crowd.

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March 12, 2008

Frustrated with my current creative output I have turned to the internet for inspiration.  Scrap that.  I have turned to the internet for an incentive.  A reason to do something new everyday and to constantly re-evaluate what I think I know.

So this is my digital scrapbook, my little collection of thoughts, ideas and snippets that make me laugh.  In all, it is just a reason for me to do something every day.  To write, discover, rant or just spread the word of something I think is cool.  If any body reads it? Bonus.