June 11, 2008

Word is surfacing that Afrika, the working title for a PS3 title seen floating about the game expos 2 or so years ago is scheduled for an imminent (or at least approaching) release. Now I have no real idea what the basis of this game is (the general idea seems to be based around Wildlife Photography) but it looks intriguing to me. It seems similar to the Wii’s ‘Endless Ocean’ but with the graphical power of a PS3, a much longer development period and cooler animals! This trailer is 2 years old now but still looks visually astonishing and could be one of the most interesting releases in the near future


Ever finished up a kick ass design on your Mac, sent it to your PC running client and been told it looked “too dark” on their monitor?  Gamma Toggle is a nifty little program that allows you to toggle between various gamma settings to see how your designs look on other operating systems.  Though it is no replacement for actually loading your design on a bunch of different computers, it is really handy for getting a real-time idea of how it looks on a standard setting MAC or PC screen from your MAC or PC.

It’s tiny, it’s handy, it’s free so there is no reason why your shouldn’t go get it!

Picked this tip up from the excellent Boagworld podcast.

I just signed up a the 2,454th person in Hong Kong to support the 2008 Download Firefox day which is hoping to set a Guinness World Record for most software downloads in 24 hours when it releases later this year.

You can sign up too and be part of this great piece of marketing!


Tag Galaxy is an excellent web app that uses Papervision 3D to display Flickr tag searchs in the context of a virtual galaxy. Not the most efficient way to browse for photography, but incredibly cool to use for a short while.

onOne Software have released a demo of their new ‘liquid resizing’ software.  Liquid resizing is essentially the process of resizing pixel based images without the general concerns related to this.  Instead of simply compressing the pixels into a smaller space it uses experimental techniques such as Seam Carving to fit the image into a smaller area whilst keeping areas of the image undistorted.  It’s a tricky one to explain in words, so just go check it out.

onOne Software Liquid Resize Product Page…

An informative video about Seam Carving…

>> Read a little more about Seam Carving…